Bootstrap Move School Shoe


Bootstrap School Shoe is the ultimate footwear choice for young athletes looking to excel in school sports. Designed with precision and performance in mind, these shoes provide the perfect blend of comfort, stability, and style. Our shoe's performance-oriented design is tailored to the demands of sports and physical education classes. The cushioned insole and padded collar ensure exceptional comfort, reducing the risk of fatigue during intense workouts. The non-marking, high-traction outsole delivers stability and grip, essential for various playing surfaces. Breathable and lightweight materials keep feet cool and dry, enhancing agility on the field or court. With adjustable laces and a secure hook-and-loop strap, you can achieve a personalized fit for optimal performance. Built to last, the Active Stride Pro withstands the rigors of sports, featuring reinforced stitching and durable materials. Its versatile style seamlessly transitions from sports activities to casual wear Affordability is key for growing athletes, and the Active Stride Pro offers exceptional quality at a reasonable price point. Trusted by coaches and parents, these shoes are the choice for those who demand durability, support, and performance.

UPPER - Exclusive quality synthetic material with combination of highly breathable mesh which keep feet cool and dry.

CONSTRUCTION – We have used Strobel construction to give extra comfort to the feet for used export quality Strobel material.

SOLE – Export Quality EVA sole with extra gripper and toe spring for giving feet to be forward easily

VELCOR + ATTACHER – Extra attaching grip and attacher yarn to be placed nicely with strap.

INSOCKS – Highly comfort PU padded foam with extra density to stabiles for the feet.

BRANDING – Extra based rubberized tattooed logo on upper to give shoes a perfect branding looks.

TOE CAP – We have used perforated embossed on toe area for make sturdy enough to play sports.

BACK COUNTER– We have perforated to the counter part to keep cool to the feet.

TOPLINE - We have used extra padded foam on topline to give comfort to the ankle part of the feet.

LINING – Sweat absorber drill cloth with also gives extra comfort.

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